So Here I am

As I walk across campus from Pralle-Sodaro hall to Beckman 204, numerous thoughts cross my mind as I mentally prepare for my first Chapman University class. I thought I registered for an English class that will spend a great amount of time reading about Charles Dickson, Mark Twain, and other great American classics. My preconceived notion also led me to believe that this class was going to be dull and in a way, irrelevant to my daily life. As excited as I am to get to my first class, I am way too brain dead at 9 in the morning to be writing and analyzing anything, especially not one of Hemingway’s stories. The class begins with some introductions but it took a twist of turns when I heard that one magic word: food. Food has always been there for me through the thick and thin and I love food. I love the way it looks, I love the way it smells, I love the different texture on different kinds of food, I mean, I came into this world hungry for food. I just can’t resist food! However, in my moment of happiness, I forgot that this was an English class after all.

As I retrieved my mind from the wondrous thought of food, I started to wonder, how are we going to spend a whole semester writing, analyzing and doing nothing but talking about food? I always knew too much good thing was a bad thing and I definitely did not want food to be negatively perceived after this class. To my rescue, Professor Keefe brought up numerous intriguing points about food that never crossed my mind before. Some of those issues pertain to the differences of food in cultures, politics about food, food and religions and many other mind-boggling aspects of food that I never dreamed about. I’m ecstatic that I should have chosen this class and now, I get to share my love of food to a community of people. I have always believed in the power of community and I would always want to positively influence and be positively influenced by any community that I’m involved with. Connections and many friendships are built when people find other people that share the same passion as they do and I cannot describe how excited I am to share my thoughts and views on food with my classroom community. I understand the importance of helping people out in our classroom community and those includes active participation, constant feedback or just sharing a thought. Therefore, I strongly agree that we should all be good members of a community and give a hand whenever needed.

Though I am so thrilled to begin this class, I am a little intimidated by the work load this class demands. Just by the first day, it took me awhile to read through our entire schedules and fine prints. However, I’m more than thankful I took the time to read through everything because now I have a better grasp about the ideas we will be covering. As ready as I am to take on the next 15 weeks, I am dreading the part where I will have to go interviewing other people as I don’t have any previous experience with other writing assignment genres. All in all, I am more than ready to embark on a journey with my classroom community and explore all of the possibilities about food.


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