Food Facts 101

Think you know about food? I thought so too until I discovered these interesting words and facts along my food adventure.

Locavore (noun)– According to, a locavore is a person who makes an effort to eat food that is grown, raised, or produced locally. Locavores believe that while it’s easy to do grocery shopping at the supermarket, we as a society should go that extra step to eat “healthier” by buying food from the farmer’s market. They believe purchasing from the farmer’s market not only strengthens the community but also supplies families with better food. There are numerous arguments against the locavore belief as James E. McWilliams stated in his Forbes article “The Locavore Myth” but hey, aren’t we all here to better the ourselves and the world? Which side are you on?

Polemic (noun)–  An argument over a specific doctrine or belief held by a person. In other words, a polemic is a strong opinion or belief held by an individual in which they base their argument upon. Polemic originates from the Greek word polemikos which is relating to war. In a sense the word has evolved from a physical war to a written “war”. In the “Why I hate food: A Polemic”, Mary Rechner strongly states her belief of why it’s impossible for her to raise and kill her own chicken and rabbits and still be able to write and attend to her children. A polemic is usually written for a belief that is not popular and widespread.

Did you know?

  • Corn is the most profitable crop in America because of government subsidies and most of it aren’t meant for direct human consumption. There is literally some trace of corn in every packaged food in the super market and the substitution of high fructose corn syrup for sugar is causing America more health problems than ever before. In the movie King Corn, Ian and Curt expose corn and it’s really something to watch.
  • 1 in 3 child in the United States is overweight and on the track to obesity today and sugar directly contributes to this epidemic. Sugar releases dopamine into the brain which makes you feel good and activates the areas and regions as cocaine.
  • The burgers seen T.V. always look so appetizing because they aren’t real burgers. Colin Perkins exposes the advertisement industry with 11 Ways Advertisers Make Food Look Delicious
  • A glass of Minute Maid orange juice is equally as bad for you as a can of soda.
  • America is the most wasteful nation in the world. We throw away 40% of our foods and that adds up to $165 billion dollars. Imagine that money went to help pay for better education, or our national debt, or for creating more jobs. Whatever your political stance is, we could all use a little green once in a while but we chose to throw it away. Please think again before tossing away leftovers and stop contributing to this landfill.

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