Dear Student Writer,

There are so many different manifestos and blogs on the internet so why should I take the time to read yours? What makes your writing important to me and why should I even care? Well, those are the questions you have to take into account when writing your manifesto. The endless conversation already began before you learned what logos, pathos, and ethos meant so in order to jump in the conversation and establish yourself, you must take a strong stance and utilizes the tools of rhetoric well. You have to incorporate disserting facts about the topic you’re covering so you can induce strong emotions from your audience. Once your audience cares about what you have to say, then you have succeeded. As a writer, everything you put into words becomes an argument and there should be purpose behind every word you put on the page. Take time to get to know your topic before you write about them so there is trust and you have credibility to your audience.

In a manifesto, you should transcend your purpose directly and go straight to the point instead of beating around the bush. You want to establish your position right away to the audience so the facts you present in your paper will be effective. Logos is not my favorite writing strategy in particular but in this case, the cold hard facts will help you greatly. In Sandra’s manifesto, she wants to get people to drink and eat less sugar. No one’s just going to change their lifestyle because of her alone. She needs to back up her manifesto with strong solid evidence that if people don’t change their eating behaviors, the consequences are unthinkable. She tried to induce fear from her audience to get action and she did so by providing shocking but realistic statistics. Just like the piece A Food Manifesto for the Future, Mark Brittman talked about government subsidies to food and his use of logos is exemplified in the following, “98 percent of soybean meal becomes livestock feed, while most soybean oil is used in processed foods. Meanwhile, the marketers of the junk food made from these crops receive tax write-offs for the costs of promoting their wares.” He not only strongly voices his opinion, but backs it up with strong solid evidence.

Logos aren’t the only things you need to focus on. You have to build imagery and slowly incorporate pathos into your piece because you want to connect those statistics to people personally. Make the audience think and question their eating habits and inform them the consequences if they don’t change their habits.  Never lose sight of your purpose and always stay on track. Being distracted in your own writing and diverting off to another topic is detrimental to your manifesto or any writing. Always be sure your paper is focused onto your topic and when you find yourself getting creative and going off track, relate it back on point. Recognize the difference between a focused paper that have strong evidence to support the argument and scattered papers with numerous ideas mashed up. Sandra have tried to keep her paper as focused as possible by only talking about one thing, sugar overconsumption. By doing so, she has established her position clearly and wrote one focused paper on the topic she cares most about.

With the introduction of logos and pathos, this manifesto also needs to include ethos. Ethos is the ethical appeal and Sandra tried to induce ethos in subtle ways. In this manifesto, she claimed that it’s our individual responsibility to take care of ourselves and though it may not the most ethical way for producers to provide such horrible products to consumers, it’s ultimately their choice to purchase and consume. Sandra wishes to educate her readers so they can make smarter eating decisions in the future and she wants a better America.

A manifesto is a strong opinionated argument stating what you believe personally and it’s essential to back up those arguments with strong evidence. Though it may be hard trying to find primary source, research more and dig deeper into your topic. With the right amount of logos, pathos and ethos, your manifesto should provoke some kind of response from your audience and that’s the most you can do. You cannot force and seek consequence from your audience if they fail to listen to you and if they ignore your belief completely, then you have failed your argument. Have fun writing and always write with a purpose.


Sandra Gao


2 thoughts on “Dear Student Writer,

  1. Dear Sandra,

    You did a great job with your essay in presenting strong solid evidence of how much sugar is in all these different types of drinks, for example, “A typical Coca Cola 12oz can contains 39 grams of sugar and a bottle of 20oz Mountain Dew contains 77 grams of sugar.”

    But I believe you need to work on pathos and start relating to the audience more. Try using personal experience and tying it into your topic.

    Also, include a primary source. You should check out the local food market like Ian and Curt and select a variety of common foods you eat and see how much sugar are inside.

    I hope this helps!

  2. I think you did a great job of focusing on the single topic sugar.I also like that you decided to focus on a that when you speak you must speak with authority and power. That there must be some sort of passion and power behind your words. This sentence is one of the best that I think i have seen so far in all the manifestos, “You are a sugar addict. You may not realize it, but you are. Sugar is one of the detrimental foods we take in and they come in all forms and shapes and the most common form of sugar nowadays is high fructose corn syrup.” I really like where this is heading with this manifesto and I hope you find your final draft easy to write.

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