Kiwi fruit, not the bird

6793.42 miles, the approximate distance the Zespri Organic Green Kiwi traveled before its tart, sweet yet sour juice reached my taste buds. If you’ve never seen a kiwi or tasted one, the fruit might come off as a little strange. It’s a brown oval little ball, smaller than the size of your fist and the brownish fuzzy skin covers golden center with a ring of seeds around it. When you cut the fruit open, the juices will splurges out so if you never had a kiwi before, take this as a cautionary tale. Unlike the apple or orange, the kiwi has a thin skin and the skin is not edible but it wouldn’t kill you if somehow it finds your way into your tummy.

My mom always stressed the importance of eating healthy so I encountered a kiwi at a young age. Kiwi is as normal as an apple to me but when we had this food tasting experience, I was struck by how many people never had this fruit before. Since a kiwi is is about the size of a small gala apple, I wouldn’t say it’s shareable. The way I eat a kiwi is I would take a knife, slice the fruit in half and use a spoon to dig out the succulent fruit in the middle. However, for class purposes, our professor sliced off the skin and cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces. The following video shows you one of the ways you can eat a kiwi and I wouldn’t say it’s the most convenient for personal pleasures but if you’re serving someone kiwi, this would be the way.


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