King Corn vs. Food Machine

Breakfast: Bacon, eggs, sausauge, whole-wheat bread with strawberry jam, cereal with milk, and a glass of orange juice

Snack 1: Fruit cup

Lunch: Cheeseburger with barbeque sauce, a side of fries, ketchup, and a glass of Dr. Pepper

Snack 2: Power bar

Dinner: Stouffer’s lasagna, nice juicy cut of steak, side salad with ranch dressing

Dessert: Chocolate lava cake

Snack 3: Yoplait yogurt

This sounds like a normal diet of an average American today but what do all these food have in common? Corn. All of the foods listed above have some trace of corn in it and all these corn aren’t ending up in my stomach directly. Most of the corn grown is processed beyond recognition and we as consumers don’t even realize we’re putting that much corn in our body. Corn is now the most profitable crop in the United States today and it has become the biggest government subsidized crop in our nation’s history. In King Corn, Ian and Curt learned how to grow corn, where all the corn went and how much money is made in profit for corn through first-hand experience. Throughout the documentary, they exploited America’s food source and they really transmitted their message through disheartening statistics. Because I believe in the power of persuasion, I personally enjoy King Corn more than America Revealed: Food Machine. However, both are great films and you should watch these films and judge for yourself.

King Corn is a more centralized film because it’s focused on one single crop and the film doesn’t show portray the main characters as some super star. They are just regular folks like us and Curt and Ian addresses the fact that they started working on this project because they just graduated from college and they have too much time of their hands. Think back when you were in college, when people asked you what or where you see yourself in 10 years, I believe you’re equally as lost as me right now. Because they admitted to this, I feel more connected to them personally because I’m a freshmen in college and like many of my peers, I don’t have a clear sense of direction in where I want to go with my life. With this approach, the film attracts young audiences like me who wouldn’t even be necessary interested in the topic in the first place but just the feeling of knowing I can connect to them personally draws me in.

Food Machine on the other hand is done on a bigger scale because Yul Kwon depicts the various global connections with food. He does overlap with King Corn on some topics but his focus is mainly on where does our food source come from and how does an industrialized farming world affects us as a whole. I thought his documentary covered a variety of topics from La Tomatina en Reno which is a tomato fight that happens every year to raise money for cancer to tracking the delivery tracks of a Domino’s pizza man. Yul Kwon is the winner of survivor and he is much more well-known than Curt and Ian in King Corn. Because of this, survivor watchers would watch this show automatically just to see him and what he’s doing with his life. We always want to know what celebrities are doing with their lives and it definitely caught my attention when I saw he was the host of this series.

The two films both offer phenomenal insights into the food industry and these documentaries proved that not all educational materials are dull and boring. Food is an everyday asset to me thus making it important for me to know where my food came from and what they had to go through. I would recommend King Corn over Food Machine just because I like to be focused on one topic and I’d rather be a master at one trait than jack of all traits. I would strongly recommend you spend some time and watch these series because our health is ultimately the most important thing to us and we need to be responsible for our own eating habits by making the right eating decisions. After all, we are what we eat right?


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